Season 2 - (Change log)

By Godlay a - Posted Oct 14, 18

New Features/Changes:

Shop prices :

Many of the item prices in our shop have been tweaked to optimize the server’s economy.

Command: /Shop

Custom Mob Drops

Zombie pigman:

  • Gold Ingots


  • TNT


  • Emeralds

Iron Golem:

  • Iron Ingots


  • Diamonds


  • Bones & Arrows


  • Feathers & Cooked chicken


  • Steak & Leather

The rest of the mobs drop the same as vanilla loot drop.



We now have a roulette plugin! Test your luck with roulette!

Commands: /Roulette


World Borders:

Main World (10,000 x 10,000)

Flat Nether (4,000 x 4,000)

Flat End (4,000 x 4,000)


New Maps:

We now have custom maps listed below:

  • A new spawn
  • Brand new world
  • New PvP arena (/warp pvp)
  • 2 new Koth arenas
  • A new flat end (/warp end)
  • A new flat nether (/warp nether)

FPS Booster:

Toggle on/off the visibility of particles, TNT, falling sands, explosions, drops, and more to help boost your FPS!

Commands: /fps, /boost, /boostfps, /fpstoggle


Void Chests:

Void chests automatically sell all items inside every hour (based on the shop prices)! Void chests can be found in crates or bought in the server store and token shop.


TNT Fill/TNT Unfill:

This command speeds up any raid by allowing you to fill all dispensers in a given area with TNT!

Command: /tntfill <radius> <amount>

  • This perk is reserved for any Serf+ rank, but can be won from specific crates.

EXP Withdraw :

Withdraw your experience and store it into bottles! You can store the EXP for later use or sell it in /shop!

Command: /bottlexp <amount>

  • This perk is reserved for any Hero+ rank, but can be won from specific crates.

Crop/Mob Hoppers:

Crop/Mob hoppers are custom hoppers that collect mob/crop drops in a chunk.

  • These items have been added to the token shop, crates and the server store.


Chunkbusters are used to bust chunks (16x16x16 radius).

  • They have been added to the token shop, crates and the server store.

Custom Mob Drops:

Since we changed the economy we have also changed mob drops and they are as followed:


Hopper Filter:

Filter what materials your hoppers pick up! Just simply drop the items you want into the custom GUI and press save!

Commands: /hopperfilter, /filter

  • This perk is reserved for any Hero+ rank, but can be won from specific crates.

Harvester Hoes:

Harvester hoes have been fixed and they now can auto-sell and auto-collect.


Uncraftable Items:

Players are now unable to craft the following:

  •  Slimeblocks
  •  Hoppers
  •  Boat
  •  Bed
  •  Enderchest

Updated Cooldowns:

  • Enderpearl: 10 seconds
  • God Apple: 2 Minutes


Miscellaneous Additions:

    • Redstone items (redstone wire, redstone torches, redstone repeators, etc.) are now protected from water, so cannons will no longer be destroyed by pesky leaks
    • Specific items won't burn in lava such as spawners, pickaxes, armor, weapons etc.
    • Iron Golems will instantly die when they touch lava
    • Iron Golems no longer drop poppies
    • Blazes no longer take water damage, making the creation of blaze grinders easier!
    • Server was upgradeg from 6 GB -----> 8GB

Important:  Players with ranks can use /donatorreclaim to reclaim all the Money, McMMO, and Tokens their ranks originally gave them!