Season 3 - December 22nd.

By Godlay a - Posted Dec 20, 18

Hey guys! Its been awhile since the peak of ExpldingPvP, as soon as we hit the peak we hit a landslide going downwards very fast. I blame the lack of dedication on my part, because of that I have decided to name two new owners (Awall & Gauges) that will be able to aid me when I need to do homework, study, and or personal issues arise. The main reason for it going downhill was faulty plugins and lag. This time around I have made sure before we open that all the plugins are working smoothly, and if we need new plugins added I can add them on my test server and get them working correctly before implementing them. The only major plugin removed was crop hoppers because all of the plugins we found were faulty and we couldn't get them to work. 

Plugins that were fixed:

  • Custom Drops 
  • Sell Wands
  • Chunk Busters
  • Trench Pickaxes
  • /CE (Enable a few days after release)
  • Borders have been fixed and are claimable

Additional Info:

  • Borders: (End/Nether: 3.5k  / Overworld: 10k)
  • Crop Hoppers will return ASAP
  • Custom drops: (Witches: Diamonds / Creeper: TNT / Pigman: Gold Ingot / Villagers: Emeralds / Iron Golems: Iron Ingot ONLY! / Cow: Cooked beef / Pig: Cooked porkchop / Chicken: Cooked chicken) 
  • F TOP for last season will be rewarded once the host retrieves my old data so I can see who was where. The host deleted all my files from season 2 "because I didn't pay" when it was an auto payment and it was their fault. 
  • F Top for season 3 will be announced soon it depends on the donations we get. 

In the donation store there is Season 3 packages. December keys, and the Christmas Kit that is available until (1/11/19).